We are the Brown Street Church of Christ in Waxahachie, Texas. We are simply a group of Christians striving to worship and serve God in a way that pleases Him, and striving to make a positive difference in this world and in our community.

Brown Street’s leaders have consistently maintained a conservative approach to the Scriptures, both now and throughout our long and rich history as a congregation. To some people, that word “conservative” has a negative connotation, implying a harshness towards people and a mind that is closed to discovering God’s will. You will quickly find that Brown Street does not fit that unfortunate stereotype.

We are known in our community as a church that cares. We care about people, and we want to help them come to know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We strive diligently to translate this concern for people into action through ministries that focus on serving people in our community and abroad.

We also care about worshiping and serving God exactly as He has instructed us in His Word. To that end, we are always striving to better learn His will for our lives through our Bible classes and worship services, and through individual study in our personal lives.

We are a vibrant, loving, caring, excited, active, growing family. Come and check us out! We hope you will want to be part of our family, too!

Banner Photo Credit: “Worship Service” © Brown Street Church of Christ.