9:00 AM Bible Classes for All Ages
10:00 AM Worship Service
  5:00 PM Worship Service


  7:00 PM Bible Classes for All Ages
  7:45 PM Devotional

Options for Children

  • Bible Classes: On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, we have Bible classes for children of all ages, beginning with newborn babies.
  • Nurseries Available: During the Sunday morning and Sunday evening worship services, we provide attended nurseries for children up to 36 months of age.
  • Bible Hour: On Sunday mornings, during the worship service, we provide a Children’s Bible Hour for age 3 through 1st grade. This helps prepare our younger children for participation in the regular worship service when they get a little bit older. It also allows moms and dads of younger children to focus on their own worship experience, knowing that their children are being spiritually nurtured and lovingly cared for. Bible Hour is dismissed during the summer months.
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