The following forms are available for use by Brown Street Church of Christ members. Forms are available in two formats: PDF files that are downloadable and printable, and online forms that can be filled out and submitted online. Click on the PDF icon or the Online Form icon next to a form's name to be taken to the form of your preference.
Church Facilities Reservation Form
This form should be used to reserve the church facilities or any portion of the church facilities, in compliance with the "General Guidelines for Use of Church Facilities" (included with form).
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Involvement Form
Each member is asked to fill out an Involvement Form indicating the various areas of ministry in which you would like to work.
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Member Information Form
New members are asked to fill out this form so we can get to know you a little better, and so that the church office has correct contact information.
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Teacher Application Questionnaire
This questionnaire must be completed by any member who wishes to teach a Bible class or speak in front of the congregation.
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Volunteer Packet for Working with Children/Teens
Anyone who will be working with children and/or teens as a volunteer at Brown Street needs to fill out several forms. You can download the entire packet as a PDF file by clicking on the PDF icon to the right. Individual package components may be downloaded and/or completed online below.
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Volunteer Packet Letter
This letter gives an overview of the Volunteer process.
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Volunteer Service Application
to work with children and/or youth
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Disclosure and Authorization for Consumer Reports
This is the form we need in order to do a background check on potential volunteers. It requires a signature by hand, so there is no online version available.
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Teacher Application QuestionnairePDF Icononlineform