Children’s Ministry


Bible Hour to move to Sunday evening

When Bible Hour starts back in a few weeks, it will be on Sunday evening instead of Sunday morning. Watch and listen for details. Some might ask, “Why are we moving Bible Hour to Sunday evening?” Much discussion has gone into this decision. The elders have stated, “We want to encourage families to worship together…

Children’s Corner

KINDNESS, WHERE ARE YOU? (Part 1) Hello everyone, I hope you had a good week. Lately, I’ve noticed when you read, hear or lookup something on the TV, internet and newspaper it is mostly negative, something bad or wrong, and a traumatic event of dire straits. Despite all of this, let us never forget Kindness.…


Volunteers are Needed!

  1. If you are interested in working at the children’s check in desk during class or worship please let Paul Medford or Kevin Cooke know.
  2. We are also in need of volunteers to work in Bible Hour. In order for Bible Hour to continue your help is necessary.