Walter Buchanan


When you read this you're going to say, "Enough already about that Golden Agers' Rally" and I promise that after this "blog" I'll not mention it again until next year. But, I do want to say "thank you" to all who had a part in its success. I heard several say that this was our best ever. We prepared for 200 and had nearly that many. The few left over burgers were taken to our police station, and the guys there gobbled them up. Our thanks to Steve Bailey and His Harmony. Thanks to Wendy Myers and Damon Bentley and their helpers who prepared and served the meal. Thanks to Matt Stalcup for setting up the  fellowship hall and to Pat Cox for the beautiful decorations. Thanks to Jimmy Cox for helping gather the food. What is really encouraging is the fact that we have a younger group willing to step up and take over. Whereas, a few years ago, my generation did it all, it is so good to witness their willingness. Hey, guys, don't forget how to do it, because we'll be knocking on your doors again. By the way, begin looking forward to our Nay barn party which will happen in late October or early November.