February 17th was the last night my sweet Billie spent at our house. She fell on the 18th, broke her hip, and has been in a hospital or nursing home since. Though she is receiving the best of care, she still is walking very little. It breaks my heart when she asks every day or two, "Do you think I will go home this week?" I struggle to give an answer that is encouraging, yet realistic. She was able to get out long enough to attend Geoffrey's and Amy's wedding Saturday, July 1st. Then this past week, on the fourth, I got her in the car and took her for a ride. We rode around town, out to Waxahachie lake, then by our house. She did not want to go inside for fear that she would not want to leave. On our way back to Legend Oaks she asked (like a little child), "Do you have enough money that I could have a hamburger?" (Tears are flowing as I write this.) That was the best hamburger I ever bought! Why do I write this? Because it's on my mind, and I needed to tell someone. If your companion is still at home, treasure every minute of it. Thanks for letting me pour out my heart and soul to you.