Walter Buchanan


Just the other day I took a drive through Sandstone Ranch, that new subdivision adjacent to our church building. Of course, one can see lots of new houses from Brown Street, but that does not begin to tell the story. New streets are being built, making way for hundreds of new houses. It's not unreasonable to think that some of those will be occupied by members of the Lord's church; others should be good prospects due to their proximity to our building. Brown Street's future looks bright. With lots of young families, the church should thrive for years to come. I'm neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I predict lots of growth as we move forward. Something that could hinder that growth would be a departure from the straight and narrow way. We've all seen congregations that had a glorious past, but somehow their leadership would allow innovations which would not pass the Scripture test. That would cause faithful members to flee away from there like rats off a sinking ship. And well they should! By this article, I'm not saying this is suspected in our congregation, and my prayer is that we will always remain true to the Word. God blessed Old Testament Israel as long as they observed His statutes. In like manner, He will bless us as long as we abide in His teaching. A one-eyed man from Waxahachie should be able to see that!