Walter Buchanan


Way back in the dark ages when I was a boy in school, I could hardly wait for recess, and one of my favorite things to do was to play marbles. Oh, what fun we had with those little glass balls! We even had them names. There were peewees, rolypolys, steelies and a few others. The problem was that my mother would not let me play for "keeps." She said that was gambling. I could not understand that then, but I do now. She must have impressed that deeply into my mind because till this day, I've never bought a lottery ticket of a raffle ticket. I won't even match pennies to see who will buy lunch. My point is that those early impressions are so important; they often stay with us through our entire life. What reminded me of all that is VBS which took place this past week. When those facts of creation are impressed upon young minds, hopefully, they will be there for a lifetime. Vacation Bible School is a BIG job. My hat's off to all who had a part! If it weren't for having to get down on my knees, I'd like to play another game of marbles. I could get down, but getting up would be another thing. But, if I did play, it would not be for keeps. My mother would come out of her grave and haunt me. Oh, I couldn't play any how; I've lost all my marbles!