Walter Buchanan


I hate to sound negative, but this old world is in a mess. All one has to do to come to that conclusion is to read his paper or turn on his TV. Suicide bombings, killing on our streets, political hatred, even difficulty in determining which bathroom to use - - all this is evidence that our world is sick. A study of the Old Testament will reveal that when people lived according to God's will they were blessed. When they turned away from God, they paid a heavy price.  Nothing has changed with regard to that principle. It is still true in the twenty-first century. Whether a person (or nation) fails or prospers depends upon how near the Lord he is living. A one-eyed man from Waxahachie ought to be able to see that. It's not just for a better life here - - there is the eternal aspect that must be considered. To boil down what's just been written, a person can live according to the teachings of God's Word and have a good life here; or, he can ignore God and suffer the consequence both here and in the hereafter. It's just that simple!