My good friend, Wayne Hemmingway, died last Sunday in Houston. We've been friends since 1952. In fact he was our principal my senior year in high school at Athens Bible School in Alabama. He was fun, but firm. He was exactly what we needed at that stage in our lives. He was also our choral director, and what a great experience that was! He taught my geometry class. In fact he taught math in a college in Houston until he was past ninety. Why do I tell you all this? Because it points out the need for our young people to have good role models to emulate. Brother Wayne was just one of many great teachers there at A B S including my own brother, Cliff, who was nine years older than I. I've often wondered how different life would have been without their influence. My point is this, we need not only to teach the Word; we need to live it before our youth. Their heroes should be people of faith who will teach by their example. Thanks Brother Wayne, Cliff and all the rest of you guys!