Walter Buchanan


I mentioned last week that the West Plains, Missouri area, where I've been conducting a gospel meeting this week, has been hit hard by flood waters. The motel where I'm staying is next to the county fair grounds, a part of which has been designated  as a place to collect items damaged or destroyed by the flood. A steady stream of vehicles has been delivering soggy carpet, sofas, mattresses, sheet rock, etc. until it has created a mountain of rubble. Each time I look that direction my heart breaks knowing that the lives of these folks have been turned upside down. The "Churches of Christ Relief Effort" from Nashville is here delivering food, cleaning supplies, clothing, furniture, appliances, etc., all of which is new. One of the brethren, Tracy, and I visited the site yesterday where a very large bridge had washed away. Thankfully, there has been no loss of human life, but many cattle have died. Please pray for the people in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. The meeting closes Thursday, the 11th, and I expect to be home Friday.